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Make friends with volatility


Discipline is a precious trait during market stress. However, having the conviction to step up and add to positions during market volatility is not easy, even though it might help investors advance toward their most important long-term financial goals.

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Does history repeat, or at least rhyme?


Small-cap value strategies have lagged their growth counterparts in recent years. But investors would be wise to view performance—and potential—through a longer-term lens.

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Growth from the Bottom Up


It takes an eye for innovation along with deep research to spot pioneering, disruptive businesses. This brochure outlines how the RS Growth Team pursues these opportunities, both large and small.

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BBB downgrade risk: Less than meets the eye?


Worries over declining credit quality may be overblown.

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Anything but ordinary


Three reasons to consider diversifying with an investment grade convertibles allocation.

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Mind the mid-cap gap


Investors who eschew a dedicated allocation to mid caps may be overlooking a dynamic collection of companies poised for growth and, potentially, attractive returns.

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High five for small cap growth stocks


Celebrating an underappreciated growth strategy by debunking five common myths

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Don't waste your time


Market volatility reminds us that sticking to our long-term investment strategy is generally more effective than trying to time the market.

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IN BRIEF │ Bracing for higher rates


Is now the right time to reconfigure your fixed income portfolio?

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Stranger than fiction


Surprisingly, growth stocks have performed well during past periods of rising rates.

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They're back!


Almost a decade after the financial crisis, the banking sector looks healthy with candidates for growth at reasonable valuations

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Headed down a rabbit hole?


The threat to globalization must be acknowledged, but history suggests it won’t be derailed

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Scouring the globe for Alpha


Capitalizing on the potential of emerging markets equities takes unique skill. Sophus Capital is a diverse group of professionals long on experience with a proven process that marries the best of analytical tools with fundamental research.

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Don’t be fooled


Powerful megatrends continue to offer active investors an array of potential long-term opportunities in China.

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