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Growth investing runs deep at RS Investments, dating back to the firm’s inception nearly 30 years ago. Today, the RS Growth Team manages about $6.7 billion in client assets* by following companies as they grow from small to large, and investing only in those they believe represent good businesses as well as good stocks.


Three Key Tenets

> Emphasize innovation—Search for pioneering, disruptive businesses that they believe can change an industry.

> Focus on the long term—Highlight companies that are aligned with the team’s fundamental beliefs and that rank highly on key metrics.

> Manage risk throughout the investment process—Seek an attractive risk/reward profile at the time of purchase and deploy a three-stage risk management screen on all holdings to help mitigate the negative impact of any single position.


Rooted in Fundamental Research

The team’s goal is to deliver a lineup of high-conviction portfolios with performance driven primarily by stock selection.**

*As of 12/31//2018.

**There is no guarantee that any portfolio will achieve its objective




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