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Sycamore Capital Overview

Sycamore Capital, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, are mid and small value specialists. The team, led by Chief Investment Officer, Gary Miller, believes that a bottom-up, value approach to investing in better businesses offers the clearest path to excess return. Sycamore seeks to invest in: better businesses with financial strength and positive change. The team’s process is disciplined, sustainable and rooted in value.

Investment Franchise Snapshot: 

  • Mid and small cap value specialists; two most senior portfolio managers have been investing together for 20 years.
  • Located in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • The current Sycamore team of ten investment professionals has over 156 years cumulative industry experience
  • Demonstrated expertise in mid-cap value and small cap value investing

Investment Team

Gary Miller
Gary Miller

Chief Investment Officer – Sycamore Capital

Gary Miller is the Chief Investment Officer and lead portfolio manager of Sycamore Capital’s Small Cap Value Equity and Mid Cap Value Equity strategies. The Victory Small Cap Value Equity and Mid Cap Value Equity team was renamed Sycamore Capital on April 1, 2015. Sycamore Capital is a Victory Capital investment franchise.

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