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VictoryShares USAA Core Short-Term Bond ETF

Why USTB? 

  • An income-oriented, core building block of a global diversified portfolio. 
  • Same experienced in-house team managing the USAA mutual funds. 
  • Average portfolio maturity of less than 3 years might decrease volatility when interest rates change. 
  • Actively managed fund offers potential to outperform its benchmark.

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 About USTB 

Seeks high current income consistent with preservation of principal. Under normal market conditions, the portfolio will invest primarily in corporate bonds and U.S. Treasury bonds. 

The fund may invest in government obligations (including U.S., state, and local governments, their agencies and instrumentalities); mortgage- and asset-backed securities; corporate debt securities; repurchase agreements; and other securities believed to have debt-like characteristics. The fund also may allocate up to 20% of its assets to high-yield corporate bonds and up to 20% to mortgage-backed or asset-backed securities not sponsored by the U.S. government or agencies. 

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