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How am I doing?


Regular investment performance reviews are a critical component of any successful financial advisor/client relationship. After all, a client needs to understand how they are progressing towards reaching his or her financial life goals.

It’s equally important to gather feedback about your own business and services. Once a year, survey your top five or 10 clients to understand more about their experience.

And, don’t be afraid to have a mirror held up to your face. It will help you learn more about yourself and, ultimately, grow and improve your practice.

To schedule a review, use the following script to place a phone call or send an email:

[Client Name], You’re one of my most loyal clients and it’s important to me that we continue to have an open and honest relationship.

In fact, I’d be very interested in hearing your opinions on the service and experience we’re providing to you.

Do you have time to meet in person next week to give me a performance review? We can meet over breakfast or lunch (on me!) to discuss this in more detail. Let me know what dates work for you.

Thanks, [Advisor Name or Signature]
With a date set, meet face-to-face to make it a more friendly exchange.

Consider asking your top clients to answer these five questions when reviewing you and your firm:

  1. If you were describing me to a friend or colleague, what three things would you say I do for you as a client?
  2. Think about your service experience with me and my team. What three words or phrases come to mind?
  3. Tell me about an experience with me or my team that you feel we handled well.
  4. Now, describe an experience you think we could have handled better.
  5.  It is important to us that we help you plan for and achieve all of your life- long financial goals. Name three things that my team and I can do to enhance our relationship.

Soliciting feedback on your practice will demonstrate to your most valuable clients that you care deeply about providing them with outstanding service. It could also help you fix an issue that you didn’t realize existed.