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Lean on others


Before your clients and prospects buy into your recommendations, they must first buy into you. Any marketing materials you create—like a firm brochure or a website—should help your clients feel like they know you better. After all, clients crave a deeper understanding. When it’s executed properly, marketing can create a stronger human connection between you and the people you are trying to reach.

Of course, a brochure and a website in and of themselves will not drive prospects to your door. So why bother? Because in today’s competitive world of financial advice, they represent the table stakes—and every advisor who wants to be taken seriously must have them. The challenge is to ensure that your marketing materials are as effective as possible

Unless you were a financial writer or website designer in a past life, you may want to seek outside assistance when it comes to developing some basic marketing materials.

Here are some ways to lighten the load:

  • Investigate the tools your firm provides. For example, many broker-dealers have existing templates and pre-approved copy you can leverage. Be sure to engage your compliance department early on, as it will save you time on the back-end
  • Hire a ghostwriter. Content is king these days, so you will need a dependable writer, with financial experience, to help articulate how your firm brings value to clients.
  • To drive traffic to your website, distribute an email newsletter. Hire a vendor who has ample experience with e-content.
  • Remember that quality packaging can make the difference between high-impact and ho-hum.
  • Brand awareness can be driven through effective public relations. If securing press coverage is a key objective for your practice, consider hiring a local public relations firm—either on a project basis or a monthly retainer—to help build awareness.

There are certain traditional marketing tools, like a brochure and website, that are worth your investment because they help you do more with existing clients and attract new clients.