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Victory Sophus Emerging Markets Fund
  • The Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in equities of emerging market companies.
  • The Team utilizes a broad universe of over 6,000 emerging markets stocks across all market caps.  Within that broad universe, our process is designed to uncover those under-followed opportunities utilizing our powerful and proven quantitative screen that provides a focus for our fundamental research analysts.
  • The Sophus Emerging Markets Team believes that equity markets reward earnings growth during most market environments.  As such, the Team seeks to capture strong earnings growth at attractive valuations, with earnings revision and positive surprise serving as catalysts for stock price appreciation. 
  • The Team has a global footprint with offices in the US, Europe and Asia – closer to the markets in which they invest.

Risk Measures

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Top 10 Holdings

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Sector Diversification

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Asset Allocation

Investment Approach 
The Victory Sophus Emerging Markets Fund seeks to provide long-term growth of capital by investing primarily in equity securities of emerging market companies across all market caps. 


Philosophy and Process 
Sophus Capital believes that equity markets reward earnings growth during most market environments. The Fund’s investment team employs both fundamental analysis and quantitative screening in seeking to identify companies that the investment team believes can sustain above-average earnings growth relative to their peers. Fundamental, bottom-up research focuses on companies that rank highly within the investment team’s quantitative screen, with particular emphasis placed on a company’s earnings growth, business strategy, value creation, competitive position, management quality, market position, and political and economic backdrop. The investment team monitors market and sovereign risk as part of the overall investment process. 


Management Team

Michael Reynal
Michael Reynal

Chief Investment Officer

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