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Victory Trivalent International Small-Cap Fund
  • The Fund seeks consistent, long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in international developed small-cap companies based in countries represented in the S&P® Developed ex-US SmallCap Index.
  • The team employs fundamental, bottom-up research and quantitative analysis to invest in what they have identified as high quality businesses with positive business momentum trading at attractive valuations.
  • The Fund has tight risk controls to mitigate unintended risk and highlight security selection as a key component of the overall portfolio construction.

Risk Measures

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Top 10 Holdings

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Sector Diversification

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Country Diversification

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Regional Diversification

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Asset Allocation

Investment Approach 
The Victory Trivalent International Small-Cap Fund’s management team seeks to provide long-term growth of capital in the Fund by investing primarily in equity securities of small-capitalization companies in countries represented in the S&P® Developed ex-U.S. SmallCap Index.  
Philosophy & Process 
The team selects stocks using a blend of fundamental research and quantitative analysis, focusing on both positive business momentum and favorable valuation. The team uses risk controls to help avoid unintended risk and highlight security selection as a key part of the overall construction of the Fund. The Fund’s investment allocation to countries and sectors tends to closely approximate the country and sector allocations of the S&P® Developed ex-U.S. SmallCap Index. To ensure a diversified geographic portfolio, the Fund invests in a minimum of ten countries. 

The management team’s process is designed to achieve consistent long-term returns across the full breadth of market conditions and economic cycles. The focus of its investment process is on security selection and risk management. The team believes this is the best way to position the Fund to achieve an optimal balance between potential reward and investment risk over a complete market cycle. 


Management Team

Dan LeVan
Dan LeVan

Chief Investment Officer – Trivalent Investments

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