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VictoryShares US Multi-Factor Minimum Volatility ETF

Why VSMV? 

  • Seeks to provide a smoother path to long-term capital appreciation. 
  • For a next-generation approach to low-volatility investing, as stocks are selected based on a multi-factor screening process, and then the portfolio is optimized with the goal of minimizing volatility. 
  • For a disciplined, low-cost exposure to core US equities while seeking to minimize overall portfolio risk. 
  • Designed to be used as core portfolio or broad market replacement.

About VSMV

The VictoryShares US Multi-Factor Minimum Volatility ETF offers exposure to large- and mid-cap US stocks in a portfolio that seeks to minimize volatility and maximize risk-adjusted returns. The fund seeks to provide investment results that track the performance of the Nasdaq Victory US Multi-Factor Minimum Volatility Index before fees and expenses. 

Nasdaq Victory US Multi-Factor Minimum Volatility Index 

  • Employs a two-step approach that aims to construct a diversified portfolio with superior risk-adjusted equity returns, while seeking to minimize the overall portfolio volatility.
  • Uses a screening model based on fundamental factors—such as earnings quality, momentum, profitability, and valuation—to help identify stocks most likely to outperform the broader U.S. market.
  • Seeks to minimize overall portfolio volatility by weighting stocks based on the correlation of assets and a series of constraints. 
  • The index is reconstituted/rebalanced semi-annually. 

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