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Investment Approach

The Trivalent Emerging Markets Equity team believes that the basis for successful International Equity investing is rooted in a research-driven process that focuses on stock selection and investing in companies offering repeatable business success, within a risk-aware framework. The team’s investment process seeks to identify companies with under-appreciated business momentum and valuation advantages relative to peers. They seek to understand what makes a company successful, and why the company is mispriced relative to its earnings and its peers.

Philosophy & Process

The goal of the strategy is to create a broadly diversified portfolio, typically holding between 50 and 80 securities from the countries represented in the MSCI Emerging Markets-ND Index. Each security is carefully selected, not only for its potential alpha contribution to the portfolio, but also for its overall impact on the portfolio’s risk profile. Risk controls, which help to control unintended risk and highlight stock selection, are a key part of the portfolio construction process.

Management Team

Dan LeVan
Dan LeVan

Chief Investment Officer – Trivalent Investments

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