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Welcome to Xchange

XCHANGE 15-Aug-2018

Welcome to Xchange, a new blog offering insights from our Victory Capital investment luminaries. We decided to launch Xchange because we saw an exciting opportunity to share unfiltered investment perspectives from our nine autonomous investment managers, which we call franchises, along with experts from our ETF platform, called VictoryShares.

There are intriguing conversations that happen every day around the proverbial Victory Capital “water cooler.” This blog is an informal medium that can help us reach a broader audience, with high-level content across a wide spectrum of topics. Our hope is that Xchange will become a valuable resource for seasoned investors and newcomers alike.

Initially, the topics that will be covered on Xchange fall into four main categories: 1) Investments 2) ETFs 3) Retirement 4) Practice Management. However, this list will likely grow and change as the blog evolves. There are no steadfast rules, and we hope that our blog conversations are organic and dynamic. However, the one aspect we are absolutely committed to is keeping the blog content educational, not promotional.

You can stay updated with our blog by using the subscription tool below this article. We offer a bi-weekly email with all of the posts from the past two weeks, or you can elect to receive a monthly roundup of our most popular pieces.  

So if you’re ready to start reading, scroll below to check out the post about the rise of mobile payments in China, or to hear the RS Growth team's perspective on the impact of rising rates on US equities, or anything else that catches your attention.